[Moon] Dubus 2021

Nando Pellegrini nando.pellegrini at tiscali.it
Mon May 17 12:33:20 CEST 2021

I can only agree with what Valter is saying . I had lot of fun during 
the contest and thanks very much to the participants but sometimes is 
very difficult to pick up a cal and some little rules could make it much 
easier. Not all the station can be exactly isofrequency with your own 
echo and i am using a 50hz filter on CW and 1 hertz vfo definition, if 
the signal is not exactly in the center it takes a while to get it. 
Another recommendation (on my poor experience) is regarding the spacing 
between CW letters very often compressed and adding the moon trip effect 
becoming not easily distinguishable so a good spacing greater than the 
regular dot space helps a lot and this regardless the keying speed.
In any case good activity and big satisfaction with 91 QSO cosidering 
that i am always loosing at least a couple of hours at moon rise and 
moon set because of sorrounding obstacles.
73 to all,nando i1ndp
On 5/17/2021 12:10, valter dolso via Moon wrote:
> Hello all...
> Many thanks for so good week end in the CW contest, very good  activisies in the 23 CM band...lot of fun
> I had 59 CW random qso plus one in SSB....
> Sorry for the  three or four stations that  I cannot pull out the noise, BUT... For my 3.2 dish  I need some time to center the weak signal in my 25 HZ audio filter, so only 15/ 30 second of call in not enough for center  quite weak signals in the filter, someone has to much hurry  :-) I need some more DB in antenna gain, perhaps in the next future I will able to have a little big dish  abt 4 meters..I wait near moon set at hills level  for find Alaska... KL6M but no luck !!Again thanks to all stations qrv in the Dubus contest..
> 73, Valter IK1FJI
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