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Mon May 17 10:41:40 CEST 2021

Hello all,


Yesterday I undusted my 23cm station and tried my luck on CW EME. I had big
fun in the short time that I was QRV!

First working Howard, G4CCH and I noticed either the conditions were not so
fantastic, or my station suffers decay. any way, Howard was not as strong as
usual and with lots of fast fading!

VE6TA was second in my log, I think my signal was not too loud at Grant,
perhaps also due to flutter.

Then I CQ'd and had nice QSO's with Ben SM6CKU and Tonda/Vlada OK1KIR.


I was going to see how well my Collins 51S-1, that I recently restored
entirely, was doing on the EME-signals. It has the rare 300Hz filter, but
when I tuned the band in SSB bandwidth I heard a very loud signal, appearing
to be Mike KL6M. The loudest of all, eventhough the moon was partly behind
trees already. It took me a moment to setup sending with the K3 and RX with
the Collins, but by then Mike had disappeared. So I called CQ on the
approximate QRG and then the big salmon from Alaska KL6M responded hi!

With the moon entirely behind the trees, I still managed to work Peter
G3LTF. A miracle we made it Peter!


I had lots of fun again, thanks for all excellent QSO's!


73, Dick PA2DW



K3/TR1296H/SSPA 500W/2.4 meter prime focus dish.

Second RX: Collins 51S1 with 300Hz filter


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