[Moon] ARI result G3LTF

Peter Blair g3ltf at btinternet.com
Mon Sep 21 23:04:28 CEST 2020

We had a near gale for most of the weekend but fortunately from a direction where the dish is much less exposed but the low declination, especially on Sunday, meant my window was very restricted. However I worked (on CW)  26 on 23cm and 6 on 70cm including one on ssb. One new one on 23cm and lots of  contacts with old friends. I worked 6 Italians on 23cm but none heard on 70cm, pity. And nothing heard or worked from North America, I had no real JA window as well.
Conditions on 70cm were not easy with 90 degree Faraday until near sunset (Saturday) when it lessened to about 45 degrees. I could see several JT signals that would have been workable on CW, Strange that there was so little interest given the weighting of the scoring system towards analogue QSOs.
Thanks to all for the nice QSOs, now to get the log in!
73 Peter G3LTF 

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