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Wolfgang Schlaffer dl5mae at yahoo.de
Fri May 22 18:29:53 CEST 2020

 Ciao Valter

come stai? 
Hope all OK (more or less....!) .

Just want to send some greetings to you accross to Alps! Remember the "good old times" 
and the nice meeting with Giacomo, Alessandro  and  Francesco a.m.o.  at Pietrosanta ...

Unfortunately my 2m and 6m antennas suffering from corrosion since years....no need anymore...

No need to restore...

Are there already incoming proposals  for the nobel prize "DESTRUCTOR OF HAM RADIO ALL TIME " ? 

I guess the moderation on the other (non  freetalk moon-net ) already on? Same situation 
like almost 20 years ago?

Ciao - stay healthy ! 

vy 73 de DL5MAE Wolfgang

    Am Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2020, 23:22:09 MESZ hat valter dolso via Moon <moon at moonbounce.info> Folgendes geschrieben:  
 Dear JoeFirst of all best wishes for your next 80 years !!It was a pleasure to meet you many years ago near Sanremo.Already then I told you that I didn't like the digital mode for EME  very much, however I understand that the technology must go on, I use the JT both in two meters now with my small 2 yagi antennas and in 23 CM, I do qso that in CW I could not do, but if I can prefer CW  !!!but also I have a fairly good station in 6 meters, but when it opens  sporadic E, few stations in CW and SSB ....... no longer young radio amateurs must also learn to speak besides learning CW ?? or is it easier or more fashionable to use 90% FT8 with 9 +++ signals?Okay, Dear friend, it will be so, we have many problems now and maybe in the future.Radio will be a Hobby, nothing else.With estimates
                                                            Valter IK1FJI
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