[Moon] Activity report

Ben - SM6CKU ben at sm6cku.se
Sun Sep 29 19:30:58 CEST 2019

Good evening,

Here is my activity report for the weekend, but I did not participate in the 
On Saturday I worked on 10 GHz OK2AQ, OK1KIR, F5VKQ, UN6PD and UA3TCF 
digitally. On 1296 MHz SM4GGC, W4OP, G3LTF, SP6ITF, ON5GS, K5DN, IK1FJI, 
DL3EBJ, IK3COJ, PA3FXB and LZ1DX on CW. Plus EW1AA on JT
On Sunday I worked on 1296 MHz PA3FXB, IW8RRF, SM4GGC, OK1YK, LA3EQ, DF2VJ, 
IK5VLS, LZ4OC and SV1CAL digitally. On 10 GHz I worked 9A5AA and OK1KIR on 
CW while DL6ABC and W3SZ were on JT4F.
Activity was not high on either of the two bands I used. All together 34 
QSO's - 17 on CW and 17 on digital mode.

73 de Ben SM6CKU
8m dish 400 watts on 23cm
4m dish 15 watts CP on 3cm 

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