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Peter Blair g3ltf at btinternet.com
Wed Nov 20 18:13:03 CET 2019

Hi All, Personally I would be against this simply because in October / 
November in this part of Western Europe our typical weather patterns mean 
that you can easily have a whole weekend of gales so you get no 23cm /70cm 
score at all. Believe me, Ive been operating this contest since it started 
and we have had that happen more than once.
The ARI  contest weekend here, Sept 28/29 was a complete wipeout , I got 4 
hours of operation only.  I suspect the PA, ON and N France guys would feel 
the same. Two weekends means you have a good chance of avoiding that.
  I have the feeling that there are more people operating both CW and 
digital than there were, say 10 years ago, which is surely what we want to 
73 Peter G3LTF

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Hi all!

I I just want to say that I agree with Lars that 1 contest weekend for
Digital and one for CW is preferred and that it is allowed to run the same
station both on CW and Digital. That would stimulate the activity on both
weekends for the Mode Category All and CW only. You could also have new
Mode Category "Digital only"!

73 Stig SM4GGC

Den ons 20 nov. 2019 kl 14:51 skrev Lars Pettersson via Moon-net <
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> This years ARRL
> I worked 94 Qso and 37 multi CW only   i did not spend so much time i
> dont have the energy any more , To bad that one have to ask stations on
> HB9 chatt to be able to do CW.
> my 2010 result 117 Q   was without any chatt and 100% random
> I belive if my halftime working LNA had been ok maybe some more weakies
> had been  possible. At least 5 more that i know called but due to bad
> LNA only traces.
> Today i tested to se moon noise and it was not detected and reciver
> noise was S9  hmmm good oscilator maybe. Anyhow i got help from SM4EMO
> to climb my service tower to take down my LNA since i dont want to risk
> my recent Hip surgery  (8 weeks) today.
> Anyhow i did get the following new # in oct contest RA4HL
> FR5DN,G0LBK,BD4SY,ES3RF ,  and i worked the following after oct contest
> A21EME 4X1AJ.
> in Nov i added WB8HRW DJ3JJ AA4MD KN0WS WK9P    so 12 new # are OK.
> I would prefer that ARRL changed the contest  like foe example OCT  part
> Digital only   and Nov Analog only.  And despite its a US contest the
> participants from US are terrible low.
> 73 Lars SM4IVE
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