[Moon] Activity report

DW Harms (Dick) PA2DW qtc at kpnmail.nl
Tue May 14 09:52:08 CEST 2019

Hi all,


Last weekend I spent only a few moments on 23cm and worked one new DXCC,
SV9/HB9CRQ. Thanks Dan for excellent job! Solid signals! Worked also PA3FXB,

Also had excellent QSO with G3LTF and  F2CT on CW, good to see you are on
air with super signal Guy. Spent 15 minuts calling Steve N4PZ, but Steve did
not copy me due to his local QRM
  Sorry for calling you an alligator Steve


The rest of my time went to try getting on the air on 3cm. My
elevation-tracking is still not operational, so had to adjust that by hand.
I waited till the moon was in a relative stable declination and had 15
minuts window without running to the dish

Tuning the band I found SP6JLW with a 549 signal. Excellent!! Also saw QRA64
tracks of OZ1LPR.

Now I am busy fixing the elevation tracking and connecting my PA to the
waveguide. For that I am waiting for a flexible part of wave-guide, which
should arrive tomorrow

I have about 15-18W at the feed, but have to switch the waveguide manually
so lots of running. Keeps me fit hi!

I hope to make my first QSO before the EME meeting in Örebro J


73, Dick PA2DW



23cm: K3/TR1296H/500W at feed/G4DDK LNA/2.4m prime focus mesh

3cm: K3/TR144H+40/DB6NT G3 tvtr, GPS locked/15W SSPA with waveguide (soon
to feed/90cm prime focus solid R/S dish/DU3BC LNA 0,7 dB NF/manual waveguide

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