[Moon] Comeback on 23cm

Ben - SM6CKU ben at sm6cku.se
Mon Sep 10 12:57:24 CEST 2018

Hello guys,

I had a very enjoyable Sunday on 23 cm after nearly 11 years since last QSO on that band. Now with better mount, new PA (SM4DHN) with 400 watts to the feed, new preamp and nice tracking of the 8m dish. The feedhorn is the same as I used for my very first QSO on 23 cm in 1982. Still works. 

I worked the following stations: I1NDP 599/599, LZ1DX 579/599, DL7UDA 569/579, RA3EC 569/569, IK5VLS 569/579, SM4GGC 559/579, DL3EBJ 589/589, I5YDI 559/549, SP6ITF 579/589, IK1FJI 559/579, G4RGK 559/579, PA3FXB 559/569, UA3PTW 589/599, K5DN 579/569, IK3COJ 569/569, DF2GB 559/559, DL8FBD 559/559, SM3AKW 559/579, K2UYH 579/569 and finally VE3KRP 559/459. Most stations are new initials...

Many thanks to SM6PGP, who has helped me a lot to get back to 23!

73 de Ben

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