[Moon] SSPA amplifiers

Serge Szpilfogel ve1kg at eastlink.ca
Thu Dec 20 17:30:46 CET 2018

Good morning Ian I know nothing about SSPA. Here I run 1100 watts with an
8877. If you have $2700 you  should use the money to improve your antenna
system. Longer antennas or more antennas. The BIGGEST problem on EME is
being able to hear.  Often  small stations hear me but I do not hear them
that can be caused by polarity problems or local noise or just bad
conditions or they are running very low power or maybe I am running TOO much
power or my antenna system is not as good as I think?? So improvement in
your case is not MORE power but a bigger antenna system.

I used for years a commander 2 amp & went from 2 antennas to 4 antennas &
the improvement was 3db. I see stations calling you that you do not see so
more power is going to make things even worst.

Focus on your RX system. Get more antennas & the best coax you can afford .
Also a good preamp & limit connectors to a minimum. This not HF Ian.

That is what I would do.

Best regards

Serge VE1KG

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